Eat Local

Why Eat Local?

When you eat food as close as possible to where it was grown, the benefits are many. For you, it means fresher, tastier food and the comfort of knowing where your meal came from – you might even get to know the farmer! In your community, your dollars will support neighbors who farm, operate stores, work in restaurants or are otherwise part of the local food movement. Eating local also means a smaller carbon footprint, which is good for the planet. Buying locally-sourced food from a grocer or farmers market or eating at a restaurant which emphasizes seasonal, local foods means lowers transportation costs and reduces the use of fossil fuels for shipping.

How to Eat Local

You don’t have to befriend a local food forager (a real job) to eat more local food, it’s really pretty easy. During our growing season, it’s hard to miss local foods – they’re everywhere. Check out one of the numerous farmers markets in the area for a great selection and variety of locally grown fruit and vegetables. Some markets even offer local eggs and meats and some farms and smaller growers operate their own seasonal farm stands. Once you learn what’s in season, you’ll be able to plan delicious meals featuring fresh, local foods.

Joining community supported agriculture (CSAs) is as close to being a farmer as you can get without mud on your shoes. By paying a subscription charge, you’ll receive a regular shipment of fresh foods straight from the farm throughout the growing season.

Our region has numerous pick your own farms and orchards where you can be a part of the harvest and guarantee your family the freshest foods possible.

Local foods can be found in stores, too, as more and more retailers see the importance and benefits of providing them. Of course, buying seasonal foods from locally owned stores offers the most good.

Locally owned and operated restaurants have embraced the local food movement as well, as chefs develop menus highlighting our fresh, seasonal bounty. And Milwaukee’s beer heritage is well-represented by craft brewers, brewpubs and microbreweries where you’ll find locally brewed ales, ciders and sodas.

Finally, you can be a growing part of the local food movement, right in your own yard, by joining an ever-growing number of your neighbors who grow some of their own food. Our warm summer months offer prime growing conditions for many fruits and veggies.

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