6 Awesome Video Ideas for Your Small Business, by Brew City Marketing

The Rise of  Video

By 2019, video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic. It makes sense though, if you take a look at the content that you find yourself interacting with. Have you watched a YouTube video lately? Nearly 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. Have you checked out your Facebook News Feed in the past day or so? It won’t take you long to find a video on there. Facebook generates 8 billion video views on average per day.

Even with the demand for video so glaring, you still have to figure out where to start. What types of videos will resonate with your customers? On top of that, what types of content won’t break the bank? We’ll go into several different methods of creating simple video that can do wonders in enhancing your content on a variety of platforms.

6 Ways to Use Video

  • Create a short “thank you” video for new or pre-existing customers

People appreciate when you appreciate them. A simple “thank you” video won’t take long, and you might be surprised on how positive the response can be.

  • Shoot a short video that provides a brief introduction of your company

What kind of services or products does your company provide? What are your overall goals and values as a business? What makes you unique? You don’t have to answer just these questions, or any of these questions for that matter. The key is to provide a way for potential customers to understand your business as quickly as possible in an enjoyable way.

  • Film a testimonial of a recent customer

People like hearing about the business from people who’ve actually tried your product or service. Video can help enhance that authenticity of positive feedback.

  • Film a product demonstration or instructional video

Understanding how your product or service works can be difficult for people to wrap their heads around sometimes, especially through text. Video can help you put everything into context a lot more seamlessly.

  • Turn a blog post into a how-to or summarized video

Blog posts are fantastic assets that can be repurposed. Use the content within your blogs to help speed up the process of making informative videos. You don’t have to use your blogs word for word. You can summarize or just use them as a place to get some ideas from.

  • Interview your employees or yourself

You can talk about an anecdote of a past company success. Or, maybe you just want to talk about yourself a little bit so that viewers can get a better understanding of who you are as a person. When people can put a face to the name, they’ll be more inclined to trust and work with you.

All of these types of videos aren’t just appropriate for one platform. These types could be used on Facebook, YouTube, most other social media platforms, and your website. Plus, most importantly, these types of videos won’t require you to turn into the next Steven Spielberg. You can experiment with this type of content at any time.

The Shift to Video

With the desire for video only expected to grow, it’s essential for local businesses to keep up with video because it’s not just a trend. It’s a core shift in the way users interact with businesses and content. Although, just having any random video on your website isn’t enough. Users will identify and respond to relevant, high-quality video, and they’ll ignore low-quality ones, as there’s a lot of that out there.

Producing spectacular video can feel daunting and nerve-racking. How should you go about writing the copy for your video? Will viewers notice if you don’t use high-end equipment like a high-resolution camera or a stabilizer? Brew City Marketing can help with all of that, taking away the stress of creating awesome video and producing content that will resonate with your desired audience.


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